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The premise of this campaign is simple. It is virtually many different mythos, religion, ideas, and property content from any source deemed cool. Alot of it is done because of lack of imagination and ideas on my part. Perhaps a more appropriate name for this campaign is “Copyright Infringement Unlimited”, which is, in itself, poking fun of another roleplaying system. It has been reported that mimicry is the finest form of flattery.

In essence, this is a multi-verse/mega-verse setting, that can have any number of campaigns or storylines interwoven into it. This serves as the barebones of the world/universe/reality in which any campaign could fit in to.

The attempt is to explain magic, creation, worlds in a general concept, and an attempt to be intentionally vague to allow the story builder room to add their own concepts. However, I have flushed out parts of it for specific campaigns. Sometimes different campaigns change different parts of these elements. Many things are remained in tact. It is the intent of this wiki to document everything, from the barebone concepts, to the individual, dynamic details of everything, from creation, to the modifier of a +5 sword of avenging against a Grolock.



Main Page

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