In the very basics, everything is an exertion of force on another force. Every person exert their force on their surroundings. Ones who hone it to a degree to have an impact on their surroundings would be referred to as casters, witches, sorcerers, etc. The range of their influence is referred to as their sphere of influence. There are different metaphysical forces, just as there are different physical forces (such as gravity, mass, magnetism). Different cultures and people may have different ways to channel their influence on a force, or even channel different forces entirely. However, this still associates with the most basic of exerted force.


Everything stems from Source. This is the exertion of force of the All-Father. His spark of creation gave life to the source, from which all things are made. The All-Father’s sphere of influence is all of creation. This is the lowest common denominator, and all other forces, magical or non-magical stem from this. It permeates through all things, and is what gives reality form. This can be anything, from physical matter, to just pure raw energy and force that can be exerted.

Source used in creation is what began time and space, and is what composes the pattern. Every piece of matter, every individual is a thread on this pattern, and their sphere of influence a single thread. Everyone’s unique crystal body is what interfaces the person to the pattern/source.


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